We are
Innovative Saunas. Redefining Relaxation.

Saunaline is a leading manufacturer of premium saunas, established at the end of 2011. We specialise in providing comprehensive design and production services for exclusive saunas.

At Sauna Line, innovation and design are the cornerstones of our offerings. Our commitment to using cutting-edge materials and unique solutions sets our products apart. We take pride in combining wood with stone, metal, and glass in unprecedented ways, resulting in minimalist and captivating designs.

What sets us apart is our flexibility in tailoring our offerings to meet individual preferences. Our diverse range of sauna models and the ability to customise sauna equipment allow us to cater to our customers‘ specific needs.

Additionally, we excel at delivering turnkey projects, bringing to life unconventional designs that perfectly align with each client’s vision and requirements.

Our customers appreciate our personalised approach to every project, where attention to detail and ultimate comfort are our top priorities.

We understand that every buyer is unique, and that’s why we provide fully customised solutions, adjusting parameters and features to exceed your expectations.

Each project we undertake receives individual attention, as we listen closely to the needs of our clients.

The Stats


Years of Experience

Our saunas are the result of years of dedication to our customers‘ well-being.


Projects Completed

We have successfully completed 200+ projects, delivering exceptional saunas worldwide.


Satisfied Customers

Our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures a 100% satisfaction rate with our bespoke saunas.