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Modern & luxurious

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SaunaLine Pro Line
Pro Line
SaunaLine Modern Line
Modern Line
SaunaLine Best Line
Best Line
SaunaLine Perfect Line
Perfect Line
SaunaLine Comfort Line
Comfort Line
SaunaLine Infrared
our saunas are unique

All you need is
a space in your home

  • You have an idea for an unusual sauna project?
  • Standard models not fit your needs?

You don`t have to worry. We will make a project for you, visualize and mount a sauna that will be consistent with the concept of you and your interior.

Sauna Pro Line - Wall
Sauna Modern Line - Wall
Sauna Benches Best Line
Additional Features

Our saunas offer more
than just warmth

  • Relaxing color palette

  • Aromatherapy

  • Your favourite sensual music

All that in order to soothe Your senses and regain vitality.