. Sauna Line - producent saun, nowoczesna sauna w Twoim domu





Sauna Line is a line of saunas designed with contemporary and accurate hand.

Elegant form, non-standard colours and interesting combination of wood
and stone, metal and glass are elements that distinguish it.

We simply made a remarkable and different sauna.

Saunas designed with contemporary and accurate hand.

At the stage of design we followed the following idea: Man is the entity receiving the reality with all of its senses.


We want to look at beautiful things and surround ourselves with them, where every detail creates the perfect form. The space of surrounding colours and full range of
colours while bathing in the sauna stimulates our imagination allowing for total relaxation. "The image will tell you more than a thousand words." See our picture.


Our sub consciousness is extremely susceptible to the magic of sound. Music for many is a necessary part of life. For us as well. That is why we have a set of sounds stimulating the senses in a perfect reproduction and excellent quality.


Touch and the sense of feeling are the key elements that define the perception of reality. Because everyone takes it differently, we prepared the option to choose the type of sauna bathing. The parameters can be chosen individually to make the sauna bath a great pleasure and not just purely medical episode.

The idea of creating a sauna having impact on the aesthetic sensibility was born a few years ago. Clear goals and determination have resulted in the founding of the Sauna Line company. Since one year we create with passion and we can boast a polished and alternative series of saunas.


WITH THANKS TO “BENA” design studio – interior designs